Pitt Meadows Family Photography - The Jonas-Munro Family

This family is solid gold, baby! They have trusted me with their images time and time again, and each time they blow their last session out of the water.  This mama is just amazing.  The way she loves and treats her girls is just so lovely to be witness to.  One of the hardest parts of parenting is giving your children the space and grace to grow into themselves, to be who they are, without intervening.  This mama gets it, and it just makes me smile.   And this Dad, well he's kind of silent stoic type, but man, does he ever love on his girls (all three of them now!) . And that's all I want from my families.  Just bring your love, your bonds, your relationships, open up with each other, and pay no heed to me, because capturing your family as you are is something that calls to me, and when I can deliver to you your love and connections in a tangible form,  it's truly inspiring, and why I love what I do so much.  But that's about enough from me, check out this gorgeous family....



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