Maple Ridge Newborn Photographer - The Bennett Family

Lifestyle newborn sessions just feel so magical.  There's just something so heartwarming, comforting, and warm and cozy about them.  Like I'm being invited into this sacred little space and time to capture some of the most important memories that someone will ever ever have.  Without getting too crazy on you, I also feel like new little babes still have a connection to...well, I'm not quite sure, but somewhere else other than where we are.  I truly believe the souls of babes are given specifically to families, and they are meant for us just as we are for them.  I find a lot of magic in that, and a lot of inspiration.  So to be present for a few hours while a family builds their bonds with each other, while they really take each other in, is just so special,  The time I spent with this sweet family was all of that.  The moments were quiet, the emotions and love were loud and palpable, and their home felt like like a most perfect little nest.  I'm so thankful I was able to capture some of that for them.  





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