Langley Pet Photographer - Two Feisty Redheads

Sometimes our soulmates come with more than two feet.


I believe this deep down in my heart.  If ever there were two souls meant for each other, it was these two.  I mean, what sassy red head doesn't need a side kick that can rival her?  Who doesn't want a sweet and saucy girl to ride shot gun with you, hang out in your office with you, and give you the good snuggles!?  One who is just as loud and proud as you.  One who keeps you on your toes and puts you in your place.  But most of all, one who loves you unconditionally, even through the hella hard times.  


I know this girl will be loved forever.  And I don't know if I believe in the whole rainbow bridge thing.  I mean, I've never seen a dog enjoy a rainbow.  But I sure know they enjoy freedom, love, pets, food, squirrels, and a good scratch behind the ears, So here's to this feisty red head, who I am sure is enjoying all of those things in equal abundance.  





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