Port Moody Newborn Photography - The Loewen Family

It's always such an honour to be invited into the homes of families.  Especially in such a vulnerable time in their lives.  I always get messages with concerns over lifestyle newborn sessions: will my house be clean enough, will it show well enough, my other kid is not cooperative, I just had a baby so I'm not really wanting to be in a ton of photos...the list goes on.  And I always put these concerns to rest.  Homes don't need to be perfect, in fact I prefer they aren't.  Give me all the dark and moody light,  Show me your corner that's overflowing with laundry, your counters that are cluttered with bottles, dishes, breast pumps, and the like.  Leave your kitsch out.  None of that matters.  I will probably take photos of it, but I promise I won't show anyone (unless you let me).  Don't worry if you're a little darker under the eyes than normal, if your exhausted.  If you have other kids, let their crazy show a little, it's their turf, they should be allowed.  And in case your wondering, none of this advice is directly exclusive to the session here.  But this family invited me into their home.  They gave me time, and themselves.  They loved each other.  They took just a couple of hours to slow down with a stranger.  We counted baby toes, jumped on beds, snuggled, wrangled a toddler, changed and fed a baby, and did it all a few times.  That's what lifestyle newborn sessions are.  That's what they're about.  They're everything perfect and imperfect at once.  That's the beauty of it.  Isn't it?





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