Bowen Island Family Photographer - The Moore Family

Family photographs have really evolved over the last decade or so.  I'm sure you've noticed the shift from the traditional portrait, to a more modern one.  A more honest portrait.  Maybe honest isn't the right word, but candid definitely is apt.  More and more families opt to try to get to the essence of themselves, wanting to capture moments, connect, actual memories, and not just smiles for the camera.  This is one of those families.  This is the second opportunity I've had to capture their moments.  The first was when their little guy was about six months old.  I was invited into their home to capture their routine, a family walk, bath time, snuggles, bed time.  It was an amaaaazing experience for myself as a photographer, to be able to tell a small part of their story.  So when they asked me to accompany them to their home away from home on Bowen Island and document some of their memories there, I JUMPED at the opportunity.  It was so cool to walk into their family's 'cabin', to see all the photos on the walls of the now grown cousins when they were little, and to look over and realize I'm currently capturing those moments for the next generation.  I mean, as a photographer, I always hope I make my clients' hearts swell, but I think so often they don't realize how they make mine do the same.  Thank you so much you three, for asking me into your home, your moments, for being vulnerable, and for letting me capture it all for you!















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