Maple Ridge Family Photographer - The Crocker-Brown Family


Often times photographers are lucky enough to have a few families that are muses.  That inspire us, and breath creativity and life into our passion.  This is one of mine.  This gorgeous mama and I go back to pre-baby days, you know the ones....before diapers, never ending laundry piles, and class five temper tantrums.  But this, of course, all just looks amazing on her.  It's pretty beautiful to watch the people you know become parents.  It's like you see them one day, and the next time you see them they are completely not the same.  It's like there's this newfound depth and love, knowledge and care that you see radiating from within them.  And all of the sudden you can't recall them not having that.   Like it was in them the whole time, it just took this perfect little babe to bring it out of them.  I had all those feelings while photographing this family during their newborn session, and I think I will every time I photograph them since then.  They are just real people, who love each other, and are navigating all the beautiful craziness and chaos that this life has to offer.  And for me, there are no better people to inspire my soul.  I'm thankful to them for that.  





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