Maple Ridge Photographer - Wedding Dress Session

Things hold memories and weight. I don't just mean they remind you of something when you look at them, but I truly believe that certain items actually retain some sort of aura, or juju, vibes, karma, whatever you want to call it (but really, what do you call it? I've been trying to think of this dang word for ten minutes now!).  Can you imagine all the goodness that can be passed on through a wedding dress? I mean a dress that made it's way through a day full of real love.  A day where words weighted with promises were said, and the past, present, and future were all being celebrated with equal fervor at any given moment.  A dress that sat in a closet of a home where two young people laughed and grew, and loved with each other until they weren't just two anymore, but three, and then four.  Where those promises that were said short years ago became real live actions and lessons and doings, that required real love and commitment and sacrifice and more love.  And after several years, the love those two people felt on their wedding day became merely a shadow of the love that their life together has become since then.  These two people. These good people.  This GOOD life.  Imagine having the remnants of all these goodness infused in the dress that you walk down the isle in.  Whoever gets to wear this wedding dress next is going to get all of those good things.  Almost like an extra good luck charm that they probably wont even realize they are carrying down the isle with them.  

But before this dress was featured in someone else's love story, it had one more day.  This gorgeous little lady had to throw just a little more magic in there.  I'm thankful to this family for letting me capture a little part of their story (and a few sweet moments afterwards).




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